Giuseppe Risica



He was born in Messina in 1955, he lives in Tonnarella (Messina).

Cardiologist, he has written poetry for many years but he has just manifested this bursting passion obtaining flattering

critical approvals.

He is Professor of “History of the Poetry”, at the Third Age University of Messina.

He won several literary first prizes among which:  the ‘ Colapesce’ of Messina, the Cittŕ  di Trapani – Torre di Ligny’,

the ‘Contea di Modica’, the ‘Danilo Chiarugi’, of Ponsacco (PI), the ‘Urania di Montercovino Rovella – Puerto Rico,

the ‘Beniamino Joppolo’ of Patti, the ‘Surrentinum’ of  Sorrentini (ME), the ‘Paese della poesia’, the “Tirteus” of

Montagnareale, the “Campania” of Caserta,  “Poesia da Contatto” of Messina, the prestigious “Tindari”.

He is also present in some collections of poems among which: ‘La poesia contemporanea’ Miano ed.

He is the author of the books:

  1) ”Oltre l’orizzonte”, Lippolis ed.

  2) “Le passate stagioni”, Leonforte ed.

  3) “Mare dentro Mare”, N. Calabria ed.

  4) “Armonie (poesie bambine), Montedit ed.

His lyrics for children have been adopted by several primary schools of the province

of Messina.

He also edits many cultural articles on newspapers and specialised magazines.