Maze of wrinkles,

deep channels

of immutable thoughts,

daily injuries

as shadows without memory

on arid shells.


Eyes for ever afar

to stop the instants

on evanescent faces, forgotten

reefs in the tempest

over froths of smiles.


They question the stars,

distant and immovable Gods

guest of an unreachable sky,

searching for answers

that are never certain.

Consulting the Oracle

For life’s hopes.


Sideral veins

tortuous in their toil

dart orphans of blood

only saltish energies

agitate the hidden stillness

of waters avid of melancholy.


Philosophies of certitudes

absolute and profane,

simply daring

caress the pure

and sacred essence

of tears and homes

in the long days of awaiting.


Infinite the struggle

with the fraternal enemy

shattering desperate paths

of silver comets,

and fragments of the soul

which drown screeching

in the darkness of memories.


On divine timbers they violate

the cavities of the abyss

where death is fed on fears

to resurrect mute

riding the waves

engraved by emotions

on the steel of sparling harpoons.


Without rest of forgiveness

with diamonds of salt on the skin

and rays of wind through their hair,

to find the way lost

in the vortex of the last truth

till the awaited moment

of reunion.


Sea within the Sea.



(translator: Rosetta Monteforte Racalbuto)